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Evergreen Colorado

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Evergreen, Colorado - A Great Place To Live! Let Sheila Show You Evergreen Like Only A Local Expert Can

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I. The Company
Living Water Systems, Inc. is privileged to be one of the longest operating businesses in our great mountain community. We have seen many people and trends move in and out of the area over the years, and we have provided quality water well systems throughout those decades. The company is owned and operated by father and son Robert and Grant Goble, who instill their Geology and Environmental Science disciplines into the processes of daily business. Both have raised families in the mountain community and know first-hand the unique characteristics of life in the mountains. Often, residents have little or no experience with private water well systems, and lack the general knowledge of how to live with such factors. We strive to provide our customers with a sound understanding of their system, candid and reasonable pricing... and sterling customer service.
II. Water Well Drilling
In our mountain community, we generally access water in one of two manners: community water districts or private water wells. Depending upon where one lives, you may be required to use the water district resource if available. For those that do not, a private water well is the means of life with water. All water wells must obtain a permit to construct from the Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR). There are different classifications of permits that determine how and in what manner the groundwater may be used. Residents in our area typically have either a “Residential (Household Use Only)” or a “Domestic Use (Outside Watering)” classification. The types of permits determine factors spanning from the sole use of water inside your outside livestock and/or irrigation purposes. The CDWR has a comprehensive database of information, in which one can find their drilling records, pump installation reports, and other items and documents pertaining to their parcel. They are a very useful resource and anyone may access it at: As a courtesy, Living Water Systems can also assist in the finding of this information as well. The ‘Replacement Well’ permits have a very fast turnaround of 1-2 days to be approved, while ‘New Well’ permits carry a response time of 4-5 weeks generally. Jefferson County Building Dept. has a “Proof of Water” requirement, in that a certain amount of water must be proven on the parcel before the building permit for the home can be issued.

Once a permit has been approved and issued, the process of installing a water well may commence. Living Water Systems has been in the mountain water well industry for over 60 years and 3 generations. We have built, customized, and tailored our machines and drilling systems we use to effectively find water in many diverse and challenging instances. Residents often inquire into the water table and availability of water in our area, to which there is a few important clarifications. The Denver Basin area (ie. East of the Foothills) has a series of vertical aquifers that contain amazingly large amounts of water within each zone. Water is nearly guaranteed in these areas, and residents are instructed in which zone they are allowed to pull water. On the other hand, our Mountain Front Range region has a very dynamic source of water which we refer to as a ‘Fracture System.’ Water in areas such as Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Idaho Springs and the like, migrates its way through fractures in the bedrock itself over time, very much like water seeping out of rock faces and cliffs. In order to obtain this water, we must drill down through the ground and intersect those fractures... allowing the water to enter the borehole. It is this reality that makes our area so very dynamic for finding water. The amount of water encountered is commonly referred to and measured in ‘Gallons Per Minute’ (GPM). As you can probably envision, the success of finding water depends entirely upon our ability to intersect those very fractures. And no two water wells are the same. We have actually found that the placement and location of the water well can be as or more important than the actual depth of the well. In the ‘Replacement Well’ scenario, we have actually been finding better producing wells by simply relocating the new well to a new area on the property. Different regions and subdivisions also have been shown to have similarities in depths and production rates, which we analyze in the early stages of the process.
The process of drilling is still very much an art form as much as it is a science. As we progress through the layers of bedrock, we analyze the rock formations that we encounter and record them future reference. Different rock structures carry great Geologic information as to the presence of water and how to proceed onwards in looking for water. When dealing with factors of Mother Nature, we use every resource available to leave our customers with a water well that performs for as long as possible. The typical length of time for the drilling and completion of a well can be anywhere from 2-5 days depending upon depth and the hardness of the given rock formation. And the majority of wells tend to be of a very “sound” nature due to the hardness of the metamorphic rock we have in our area, which is ultimately a positive outcome. We find the higher quality and more reliable zones of water tend to occur past the 0-200’ depth in many cases. Water encountered in that upper range tend to be cycled through softer ground material, and can present issues such as:
1) Cloudy/Murky water due to high sediment intrusion (especially during Spring run-off season.) 2) Bacterial contamination, which may have a direct link to a septic source from the surface.
3) Excessive levels of Nitrates, pH balance, and water hardness
If such occurrences of these “shallow” zones are encountered during the drilling process, we have the capabilities to isolate that water from mixing with the cleaner zones below it. We always advise that the “right” water greatly outweighs “more” water. Living Water Systems seeks to continue to continue to earn business by doing it time.

III. Pump Installation & Service
So, now we have a great water well...what’s next?! Anyone who has a water well, also needs a pump system! The water we have in our wells has to be pumped up the borehole and into our houses for us to use. The most common types of these pumps are called ‘Submersible’, due to the fact that they are suspended down the water well into the column of water. There are many different brands and configurations of pumping systems available, and most are tailored to the factors of the water well and the needs of the residence. Pumps are available in increasing horsepower ratings, which correspond to how deep they can be set and the volume/pressure of water they can pump. When choosing the right pump, there are three important factors in determining the right size and type of pump:
1) The depth of the well and distance to the home
2) The production rate of the well (GPM)
3) Static water level (the depth of water from surface
Many people in our area live daily with low production rates from their water well system, and cannot afford to replace the well itself. This is where the ‘Storage System’ comes to play. The theory being that if we cannot increase the well’s production rate, we will increase the amount of water you have access to. By adding a storage system, it allows the well to fill the tanks at it’s own capacity while providing the resident with ample water to serve their daily requirements. Storage systems are also an entity that are tailored to factors such as the available space in the home and the performance of the well. As they range in many different sizes and configurations, Living Water Systems can provide a custom program to suit the needs of your budget and requirements.
Like any other system that has moving parts, the well pump system needs to be serviced and repaired from time to time. And when anyone is out of water, they don’t want to know if it can be fixed tomorrow or the next day...they want to know if it can be done in 10 minutes or 15 minutes! (Even to the extent of a customer being referred to us promptly after calling 911) Living Water Systems has the most comprehensive fleet of equipment to be able to respond efficiently for issues such as pump repair/replacement, frozen water lines, system failures, and general service. Being equipped to handle a multitude of “unknowns” on the same service call, lends itself to superb customer service... and affordable pricing for our residents.
IV. Water Quality & Testing
Two Hydrogens walk into a bar and say “O!” The most important substance we can provide ourselves is clean water. Everything we have and do is based upon this wonderful molecule. And we are very privileged to live in an area which generally has very quality water. The characteristics of our water supply depend greatly upon the factors in which water comes in contact with on its journey to us. As groundwater has traveled through and among our rock structure over millions of years, it has acquired very unique qualities. It is well known that our region has water that can be characterized as “hard.” The common minerals that determine these levels generally lie in the elements Calcium and Magnesium. As water is both a solvent and a lubricant, it will liquefy and carry in suspension those items it comes in contact with over time. It really is an amazing substance. Water treatment and purification is a multi billion dollar a year industry that has implications ranging far beyond what we have come to know in our community.

Water quality standards and ideals are constantly being disputed and researched all across the globe. Elements such as Iron, Calcium, Fluoride, Magnesium, and Sodium are common in the structure of the rock, and can be present in vastly different levels. The grand question is whether or not your water should be injected with additional additives or chemicals (such as Chlorine) to bring it into ranges recommended by someone trying to sell you something. Water quality, above all, should be the one thing that we humans have complete understanding towards and say over what it contains. Living Water Systems offer many levels of water quality testing to provide residents with the information they deserve, to make informed decisions about how to live with their water. And again, each household has different demands and expectations from their source of water. Living Water Systems can provide a variety of options for treatment programs based upon the desired expectations of the homeowner and their level of comfort with the groundwater provided. One certainty that has been a constant over time... is that water will find a way. It always has.
How often do you clean your house...your car...your body?! After quietly stating that to yourself, then ask: “How often do you clean your well?” Coliform bacteria and E. coli are forms of bacteria that can cause certain health effects and must be eliminated from your water supply. Interestingly, there are two predominant types of this bacteria: one is naturally occurring in the soil, and the other is introduced by a septic/fecal source. If it is naturally occurring, the good news is that often times this bacteria may be destroyed by the process of ‘Whole-System Chlorination.’ Living Water Systems offers a unique “LivWell” Plan for our residents to join, which provides this service and maintenance for you. We recommend a whole-system chlorination of your water system at least once a year to prevent and kill the occurrence of bacteria that may be growing in your system. Anytime there is a presence of water, it opens the door to a presence of is the way of nature. The “LivWell” plan includes an initial whole-system chlorination treatment, with a water quality analysis to assess any factors that may need addressing. Then follow-up visits are performed to monitor quality levels, as well as general pumping system health. The majority of our clients’ wells experiencing natural bacterial presence have been successfully remedied with this process... as well as eliminating the need for costly permanent treatment systems!
Living Water Systems offers comprehensive Real Estate packages that are extremely beneficial in aiding in the process of these transactions. We provide different levels of well testing programs and inspections to provide current well production rates, water quality analysis, and overall conditions pertaining to the health of each water well system. A common practice when involved in Real Estate transactions is retrieve and analyze the Well Completion Reports for information pertaining to factors of the water well. While this is a very good practice in general, what often occurs is that people assume the production rate on the Well Completion Report is what the well is performing at currently. In actuality, many wells have been found to produce different rates than shown on the records. Some wells are tested and found to produce much less than noted, while some actually have shown to produce more! This is why well testing is that important. Every test we offer is performed to CDWR standards with a quick turnaround and a comprehensive results package to provide informative decision making. Anyone can easily choose and schedule a test online at: to quickly expedite the process of home sales.

V. Lasting Quality
Living Water Systems, Inc. is a locally owned, operated, and staffed company that has served this great area for decades. We wish to thank all of our clients for supporting local business who are also part of this community, and wish to continue to build a desirable place to live and raise our children. By using local businesses and services, residents are keeping their dollars and values in our area to build and promote quality lifestyles for everyone who resides here. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and are here with any questions!
PO Box 630 Pine, CO 80470 www. livingwatersystemsinc .com (303) 838-5066